Agriculture makes us human. It is time that we stake our claim.

Be a farmer, Start a garden. Everyone should grow at least one thing. Our dynamic gardening products and services have everything you need to develop your own personal agriculture and get growing with success.

Eating is an agricultural act. You don't have to grow all of your own food to influence your local foodshed. Eat your ideals by using your buying power to encourage the food that you want.

What we think, we grow. The most important concept for developing a healthy food system is a proper perspective towards natural living systems. Knowledge is power.

Better food, Better people. Rudolf Steiner said, "Food no longer contains the forces people need to carry their will into action". Food is our fuel and it is no longer our medicine.

There is a better way. We call it BioEnergetic Agriculture.

We are growing consultants. We are farmers. We are inventors. We are problem solvers. We are teachers. We are learners. We need your help. Join us as we work together to change our agriculture for the better.

Stay tuned. This site is under construction. The beginning is near.

Be Agriculture

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